What to Consider Before Buying Equipment for Your Café

Buying new equipment for a new business is a task that takes a lot of your time, money and a great deal of thinking. This goes the same for a new café where you have to buy equipment for making beverages and food items, storing as well as other items such as furniture. Here are some steps to follow before purchasing new items to your shop.

Plan Your Budget

Before everything else you need to plan your budget for purchasing items. If you have already allocated a certain amount of money to purchase new items, then consider how to spend it wisely. Decide on what items you will have to spend the most and what items will be cheaper. It is also better if you can set yourself a limit for the expenses so that you will not expend too much on items that are unnecessary.

Make a List

Once the budget is planned, make a list of the items that you will be needing for the shop. As essential items, you will be needing a coffee grinder and an espresso machine. For storage you will have to purchase a refrigerator and to display any food items that you might have, you need display cases. You will also need other items such as furniture for the seating area, sinks and a dishwasher. Other than these, you will be needing tableware such as plates and mugs to serve.

Start Small

The best way to start a business is start small and gradually making your way up to success. You might plan on expanding your business in future but at the beginning of your business it is better and easier if you only purchase one or two from each type of machine. Never buy too much of plates or mugs for serving either. Once your business is well known and your customer base expands, then you can think of buying more equipment.


One of the main things that many people forget when buying equipment for their shops is to consider the space of the shop. No matter how fancy certain tools and equipment appear to be, sometimes they will not fit inside your cosy café. Before you set off to shop equipment, measure the areas where you will be placing your equipment. Especially when buying machines such as refrigerators you can decide on the shape and the style depending on the available space.

Do Not Rush

If you visit a shop that sells specifically coffee machines and other related items, you will find coffee machine solutions for most of the needs in your shop. But always remember to check the machines – how they operate, their size, brand – before you purchase them. If you are not satisfied with one shop it is alright to check other shops and see if they have what you need. Take your time choosing your favourite style and design too.

Starting a new business is a huge responsibility. When purchasing new items to launch a new business, make sure you have it all planned out before you go for equipment shopping. Be patient and well organized.

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