Throw a surprise birthday party for your loved one

Birthdays are magical moments. You never know when a miracle would happen and a surprise birthday party is an ideal way to pleasantly shock a loved one. It may not be a miracle but he or she will definitely be astonished and thrilled to be the subject of it.

Why a surprise?

Except a few people, many do not forget when their birthday is. When the time draws near, they know if a party is going to happen or not. A surprise party must be organized behind their backs; show that you have forgotten about the birthday and there are no preparations going on to do anything for it. If the person was expecting anything they will be sad, nevertheless not showing it outside due to the fear of others pitying them. This is the perfect moment to surprise them by having a “sudden” celebration.

How to get ready

First, think of a venue where the person in question wouldn’t know about. If it is a pub where you go all the time, it won’t be kept a secret as people talk and there is good chance they hear someone mention something about it. The key to a surprise party is, of course, surprise. For the party to be a completely unexpected thing for them. Therefore be careful when you involve people in your planning; make sure they are not blabber mouths or people who forget soon. If not, someone will ask something in the presence of the birthday person and all will be lost. Once the venue is finalized, decide on food, music, décor and invitees. You can make a list and entrust each task with a friend or family you trust entirely.

On the day

Get there with ample time to spare. Another friend or family member must be allocated to bring the birthday guy or girl to the venue and you must keep contact with the person who is in-charge of that. In the haste of all this, do not forget the birthday cake! Assign someone else to bring it. If there are décor items need to be picked from shops, such as balloons, tinsels, pull up banner Singapore or candles for the cake, ensure that one more person in the party planners’ gang is on it. You can get the DJ to have a birthday song ready and the venue people to help with the lighting. The birthday person can walk in when everything is dark and suddenly lights come out and all yell “Happy Birthday”!

It is indeed a fun experience to plan a surprise party. You will get so much happiness seeing another person being happy because of it.

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