Improve your marketing plan by innovative methods

Marketing and promotions are almost always considered as parts of cost centres within an organisation. Finance and management seldom stop criticizing the costs spent for marketing if sales are not up the level they have expected. In this digital age there are many ways to spend less and get a better mileage in marketing. Apart from web and social media some forms of branding also can be used to improve top-of-the-mind awareness such as automobile branding.

Objective of branding

To put it simply, banding is used to “spread the name”. If no one knows what you are selling under the name, say, “Angel cakes” then it is a failed attempt at branding. Angel cakes, for example, can be off-the-shelf cakes, custom-made cakes, cake accessories, party planning and so much more. Once people start to relate the name to the product, when someone says “I want a good store to get a cake done for my daughter’s birthday” the name Angel Cakes will come to their mind. This is known as “top-of-the-mind” awareness in marketing. Once the name is among people, the brand itself gets a price which is known as brand value. For example world-renown brands such as Apple or Coca cola has billions of dollars’ worth brand names.

Cost effective branding?

It is not easy for a professional in another department to understand the marketing mileage branding can achieve. It would not give immediate sales and most of the finance or operations people expect just that. Therefore, today, branding has to be limited to cost effective methods; especially for small businesses where spending a small fortune to get your name noticed is not easy. Hence apart from using social media and using influencers, custom vehicle signage can be an effective and low cost method to obtain an “instant campaign” on wheels.

Advantages of automobile branding

Automobile branding is quite useful when it comes to tools of marketing for B2C or “business-to-customer” companies. It helps to build a loyal customer force among the locals who may come to be familiar with your name after seeing the company vehicles driving around in the local suburbs. Even B2B or business-to-business companies can also use the same to reinforce preferability among local businesses. Whatever the industry you are in, this sort of branding can be done with a low cost by using stickers and magnets etc. and can be used to for an effective promotional campaign for a certain giveaway or simply the product you sell.

Branded automobiles help build familiarity among the locals and build their trust as to this business is serious in their dealings. This can help have initial buyers followed by more who can become a loyal consumer list for your business.

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