How to use Instagram as an advertising platform

As today’s most popular forms of advertising and marketing range from online networking sites such as Facebook to Instagram, more people are generally drawn towards the way it is advertised. Whereas Facebook appeals to a consumer by using pictures, short videos and descriptions, Instagram has been taking over the advertising market, which attracts people more visually. Since of recent years, their revamping of Instagram logo into an eye-catching purple hues logo started catching the eye of consumers and other potential consumers to the platform. Instagram is found to be the most suitable when it comes to clothing lines, makeup lines, bloggers and travellers. Here are a couple of ways to help you understand how this social media platform in particular functions.

All in the number of followers

Similar to Facebook, the famous social media platform (in a similar way to twitter) is based on followers. The logistics in it are quite simple. The higher the number of followers you have, the more popular you are and as a result the sponsorships and another sort of profitable opportunities you will have access to. Companies such as clothing company “TopShop” sponsor celebrities such as Gigi Hadid to post a picture of her in toyshop clothing and as she has a significant amount of followers (to be exact) she gets paid a significantly a large amount for that one picture.

Be interactive on the platform

According to recent findings, the more interactive you are with your followers using Live videos and so on the more attention, your profile will receive. To understand the working of the consumer base and exactly what your followers want you to need to put your self in other’s shoes and try and think to yourself how you can get them interested. Extended and introduction courses such as the Instagram marketing coursesSingapore are also offered and are considered one of the most popular forms of being educated on matters relating to the world of social media marketing.

Using branding hash tags and Consistency with your posts

Your hash tags can say a lot about your store and help to give a summary of the post or picture of the product or related things to as well. When using your branding hashtag, it is important to understand that this will also, in turn, will become a part of the brand you are hoping to show the online world and establish a suitable label in the networking world as well.

It is difficult to get a hold of the rapidly moving Internet but once you do grasp it, it can truly do wonders.

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